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AKC Canine Health Foundation Fiesta!

Benefits of the AKC CHF Fiesta!

  • Fiesta! has raised over $23,500 for CHF to support advances in canine health
  • "We are grateful to the Fiesta Cluster Dog Show for their committment to CHF. It is through the dedication of individuals and dog clubs that makes advances in canine health possible" - Dr. A. Duane Butherus, CHF Board Chairman

History of the AKC CHF Fiesta!

The initial goal of this event was to build awareness among Fiesta Cluster attendees of the mission of the Canie Health Foundation. Since 2008, the Fiesta! event has taken on different forms, initally as a Saturday night sit down dinner with mariachis, and now as a ringside attraction during group judging - featuring a silent auction, raffle, and Mexican food. Since it's inception in 2008, the event has been embraced by the show's exhibitors, vendors and attendees. As a result, the Fiesta! has raised more than $23,500 to benefit the AKC Canine Health Foundation, helping all dogs live longer healthier lives. The Fiesta Cluster expresses our appreciation to all who have so generously donated to the Fiesta! and to our many show vendors who have donated prizes.

The Fiesta! was recently featured in the AKC CHF newsletter - read article


Fiesta! Committee Chair

Mimi Tysseling